A continuation of the Islamic insult to our way of life

The halal food authority (HFA) uk has to be the most insulting and racist organisation in our country. This is just an extract of how this non-profitable and private business  do their deals and in our home ‘

Another seminar and more money for a non profit making person

y have manipulated how the government have shaped its policies as far back as 1999 through EU legislation in this they mention the Indigenous . All the documents I have read connected to this food authority whom refer to government time and time again and non muslim with the call for muslims to take over as entrepreneur’s from the start of production to end-user of all our daily needs they even refer to halal irish stew as if it is something to have a laugh at . Later I will show by using the name jack , referring to non muslims in the food industry has to be considered as racist and used against these people using our government and the EU for the rights of foreigners before the indigenous and succeeding . This excerpt is from a speech made by the president of this non-profit organisation of foreign people who are represented and have undocumented input to how our laws on food are regulated as well as EU and they are instrumental in the changes in food laws brought into effect from the beginning of last year in the UK .
The other side of the ‘Halal on the move’ is that we should put contractual trust in non-Muslim Lord Nazir Ahmed and Masood Khawaja
procuress, manufacturers and suppliers and even transporters. HFA has managed to do this by entering into an agreement that has to be signed by both the endorsers and the endorsers to ensure that Muslim and non-Muslim providers are orientated to the fact that they will have to follow the halal dictum. Slaughtering rules would be observed, any change in ingredients, constituents and even suppliers of the same would be advised to the HFA first, so that stringent checks could be made of the validity of the halal claim. Should the processor have the occasion of out-sourcing to manufacture, they have to be approved by the HFA first, just like the named plants were done in the first instance. Muslims must never mention, “what do the non-Muslims know about halal” whilst broaching the subject of halal meat supplies or distribution of foodstuffs. Contract binds them for validity of halal, food safety and hygiene thereof.
We should also acknowledge that right from strengthening the halal slaughtering rules to the definition of halal and encapsulating the relevant hygiene and food safety rules, both the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) through the EU directives have done a great service to the Muslims. Whence we look at a recently published document of DEFRA, under the heading of ‘Animal Welfare Delivery Strategy for England and peruse the introduction that says “all those who are responsible for animals must ensure good standards of welfare for them and, those who have contact with them, or benefit from animals, must pay due regard to their welfare” and reading it in junction with five freedoms therein given:
* Freedom from hunger and thirst
* Freedom from discomfort
* Freedom from hunger and thirst
* Freedom from discomfort
* Freedom from pain, injury and disease
* Freedom to express normal behaviour and
  • *Freedom from fear and distress
It is more than positive that some one who had the knowledge of the Islāmic theology drafted it!
Similarly perusing through the then Draft Regulation of the European Parliament of the Council laying down the general principles for the European Food Authority under articles 37, 95, 137 and 152(4)(b) thereof section one states “the free movement of safe and wholesome food is an essential aspect of the internal market and contributes significantly to the health and well-being of citizens, and to their social and economics interests”. I will invite you to check HFA website and, that would define halal in this way; “wholesome, pure and fit for human consumption”. How pleasant and heartening it is to note that apart from not invoking Allah’s name there is a full Islāmic commitment to serve the European community.
In peroration I would invite Muslim thinkers to join the global teams of endorsers and verifiers of halal meat, poultry and products in ensuring compliance of Qur`anic injunctions together with adherence of general hygiene, food safety and environmental regulations in vogue. These facilities should be accorded to any establishment or country regardless of their religious persuasion and belief. Halal has become a global buzzword. It is on the move. I would implore that may it be worth and permissible for everyone, nationally and internationally and moreover for the generations to come.
Masood Khawaja
President, Halal Food Authority
Food on the Move
Excel Centre, Docklands, London
16-17 October 2007



I would like
 to thank my area organiser Neil ,  as well as Andy and Steve from Bracknell Forest BNP  , who gave up their time , to  welcome me with open arms, I felt so proud as today is the first time in my life that I have been involved in any political activities , I took to it like a duck does to water . But most of all for the warm reception that we all had from the people of Maidenhead taking the time to stop and chat , to sign the BNP petition on behalf of our forever suffering brave men and women of the British Army , who because of statute and loyalty to the British people are forced to serve in an unjust war for and on behalf of  fat cat thief’s in the guise of a legitimate policy maker on our behalf , have let our service men and women down so horrendously  and at the same time ,donate the countries wealth and our taxes to to gun bearing people with no respect for any nation , weather or not they sympathise with their grievance’s . these callous murderer’s who shame the Muslim community who have lived here for generations   continue to infiltrate our shores with the blessings  of the anti Indigenous , aiders and abettors who brand the people of this land Racist , when they rise above the parapet to ask why , why have you sold this country to the evil scum who come here and tell us blatantly, they want  rid of the infidel who can never be pure and slowly but surely the swarm is growing and waiting for the last crust of bread in the cupboard  to be shared , with no money left because of the traitors who helped them kill our soldiers while allowing them to build a second front within our borders waiting for the call for the Jihad they so shamelessly want to inflict on all the good and honest British people and yes the white collared fools will have nowhere to hide , their words of wisdom wont save them , but people take note, a fire is burning and a proud people will not let you have your way as the WW2 Vets and the pensioner in the wheel chair and the mother with her child and the third generation Indian , the Irish , the Scottish and welsh ,West Indian  and the three Lions and all else who live as one people will succeed as the Proud  Proud Maidenhead people have shown today . It will not belong before the people will rise and the Contraband brothers who foolishly believe they are waiting to continue with the fat cat lifestyle when they over throw there partners in crime and continue with their ethnic cleansing of  the British people to be replaced with their master race experiment , Hitler tried and failed , and the same  faith will befall you all ,Libs , Labs and Cons with your Islamic fundamentalist roots been  ripped from beneath you and hide in your bunkers like the rats that you are, Bring our troops home , is the cry , and it will get louder and ring in our  ears and the bells of Saint Paul’s will ring loud in our ears when we have each one of you stand trial for these terrible , terrible war crimes you are inflicting on your people . I feel proud to have shook hands with the pensioner who has lost his grand son in an unjust war in a country far away and the mother and child who did not have to pay to sign our petition nor was she asked to , these people stood shoulder to shoulder with the BNP at our table top and leaflets  hand out in High Street Maidenhead , they are the only weapons we have , to defend ourselves  but they will carry our land to an honest and swift return to the country that you so viciously  deny us and give  to the vermin you so joyously call religion of peace , Bring the troops home now s0  the war on terror maybe won , where the war has been waged  
We have all seen through your smoke screen , you supporters of terror and you supporters of Racism  that is so prevalent within the communities that you  have supported before your own people , War criminals and Islāmic extremists who use the word race , more than the people you call racist , you will not  live the lie for much longer,  nor will you be able to hide from Great Britons which all of us are,  the war criminals and their Islamic extremist cohorts will have the justice this country so Proudly with heads held high , will award  you when we stop your unjust war on our liberty and on the lives you have wasted in your unjust war in Afghanistan . Onwards and Upwards with the British National Party , the only party that does not want change but a return of our lands to the people you have stolen it from .War criminal Blair , War criminal Gordon Brown , War criminal Clegg , war Criminal Cameron ,you are the last of the ethnic cleansing Islāmic extremists that we know you are , who will raise your armies against the indigenous .Your cries to god , untrue , for always you have been in league with the Devil !  
Edward Anthony Grant
Proud and loyal To The Ideals That are Just and Honest British National Party